Becoming Stress-Resilient

These days, there are many sources of stress, including loss, change, and heavier workloads. Individuals who are more resilient or hardy, however, maintain their health and well-being even in the face of loss and upheaval.

Three key characteristics of hardy people are:

  • They view change as a positive challenge, not a threat. They are excited about the opportunity to have new experiences and develop new skills.
  •  They have a strong sense of personal control; they view themselves as masters of their own fate.
  • They are deeply committed to something, whether it be their work, family, or faith.

Stress-resilient individuals also tend to:

  • Have other people who listen, support, and believe in them
  • Give themselves praise and encouragement, not criticism
  • Find activities that they find enjoyable and meaningful, that help them feel that they “make a difference”
  • Develop goals in life and work actively toward them, rather than simply drifting along
  • Focus on finding solutions and alternatives when challenges arise (rather than blaming or complaining)
  • Stay flexible–be open to change, new information, and other points of view
  • Maintain a sense of humor

If you would like to increase your stress resilience, try cultivating some of these characteristics. Life will always present new challenges to us; when we are prepared to face them, they can be a positive source of learning and growth.