Boosting Your Energy

In these economically challenging times, many employees are being asked to do the same amount of work–or sometimes more–with fewer resources. If you’ve been working hard all along, it may be hard to imagine how you could do even more.

Still, you may find that the strategies listed below will help maintain your energy level so you can “do more with less.”

  • Start your day off right. Perhaps your favorite music, food, or reading material puts you in a good mood. Whatever it is, find a few minutes early in the day to do something you like. And try to be well nourished and well rested, too.
  • Save the tasks requiring the most energy for the times when your energy is at its peak most commonly (but not always), this occurs before noon. If you tend to have a midafternoon “slump,” save the easiest tasks for that time.
  • Recharge your batteries. If you’re starting to feel sluggish, get up and move around. Take a short break, walk, stretch, get a snack or drink of water, or do whatever will help you get going again.
  • Plan your work–and then leave it at work. At the end of the day, write down your priorities for tomorrow. That way, you can more easily let go of your job when you leave and not drain your energy by worrying about work when you’re at home.
  • Do what you love. Nothing generates energy like being excited about what you’re doing. Request projects that appeal to you, find pleasant diversions during lunch or breaks, and develop hobbies or pastimes outside of work.
  • Notice what goes right. Just as you can always find something to complain about, you can always find something enjoyable or amusing that happened at work. You’ll have more energy on the job if you remember the “good stuff,” too–and share it with others!