Expecting a Baby

“You’re having a baby—how wonderful!”

There’s good reason to be excited about having (or adopting) your first child: it’s like entering a whole new world. But along with all the new experiences come new challenges, and it’s common to feel unprepared. Some of the things that new parents typically have to cope with include:

  • Loss of sleep
  • Loss of privacy as a couple
  • Loss of free time
  • Increased expenses
  • Mood swings
  • Crying (the baby’s, that is)

While some of these changes are unavoidable, there may be things that parents can do to ease the way:

  • Be prepared. Babies sometimes arrive early, so have clothes, diapers, and supplies in place well ahead of time.
  • Start lining up babysitters. Taking a break for even an hour or two can make a big difference.
  • Find support and assistance. Who can help you with laundry or meals if you’re exhausted? Who can you turn to for advice or reassurance if it’s harder than you expected? Maybe there’s a new parents’ support group in town. You can never have too many supports.
  • Share the load with your partner, when possible. Look for ways to help each other out.
  • Remember that each stage is only temporary. Babies grow and learn quickly!