Healing With Humor

Humor and laughter are not only fun–they also enhance:

Mood Immune functioning
Learning Muscular relaxation
Creativity Circulation
Intimacy Respiration
Confidence Pain control

In other words, laughter is the best medicine!

10 tips on moving through life at 60 smiles per hour:

  1. Keep a “humor journal” or scrapbook: every day, write down something funny that you heard, saw, said, or did–it could be real-life or fictional.  You can also collect funny comics or pictures.  Re-read your journal when you need a boost.
  2. Post funny quotations or cartoons on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, your notebook or locker, bulletin boards…
  3. Videotape your favorite comedies and watch them with friends. Find audiotapes of comedy routines to listen to while doing household chores.
  4. Establish a joke exchange with a friend: write down any good jokes you hear, and swap jokes each time you talk.
  5. Let others know which personal qualities you are willing to be teased about, and which are off limits.
  6. Go to the humor section of a bookstore, or ask your librarian to recommend some humor writers. Browse, borrow, or buy.
  7. Practice funny expressions, accents, or characters. Find a “trademark” that fits your personality.
  8. Carry photos of yourself when you were younger; show them to others and enjoy a laugh together.  Take snapshots of yourself (or others) acting silly, and look at them often to bring out your lighter side.
  9. Do you find yourself complaining to others about what a terrible day/week/month/life you’ve had?  Take those complaints and work on exaggerating them to the point of absurdity. 
  10. Stuck on an embarrassing mistake you made?  Tell it to others, but try to find a humorous side to it.  How important will it seem a year from now?