Keep Your Balance

Do you ever feel as though life is a juggling act? Do you find that when you’re at work, you often think of demands at home, and vice versa? With the fast pace of life these days, many people feel this way. 

If you’ve been feeling a lot of worry, stress, or pain, it could be a signal that something is out of balance. To achieve more balance in your life, consider the following suggestions: 

  •  Make a list of what’s most important to you in your life, such as health, relationships, and work.
  • Set goals for yourself in each of these major life areas. For example, “I will exercise five times a week” or “I will get together with my friends at least once a week.” 
  • Each week, plan activities to correspond with each of the roles you play in your life (e.g., spouse, parent, employee). Keep your goals in mind as you plan.
  • Take advantage of waiting times during your week to accomplish short term tasks (e.g., opening mail or reading a book while waiting at the doctor’s office).
  • Find ways to build exercise into a busy day by parking at the far end of the parking lot, taking the stairs, or getting off the bus a few blocks earlier.
  • Organize household chores and belongings so everyone knows what to do and where to find things.
  • Get support. Find out how others with similar situations are managing their lives.
  • Take breaks. Breaks can refresh you and help make you more productive. They’re also opportunities to run errands and save precious weekend time for you!