Sport Psychology

SPORT PSYCHOLOGYHow can a psychologist help with sports, exercise, and performing arts?
  • Discover changes you can make to help you move to the next level of performance
  • Learn to cope better with the pressure of competition
  • Bounce back faster from injuries and losses
  • Enhance your focus and concentration
  • Develop the mindset of a winner!
Coaching and training can hone your physical skills, but sport psychology can give you the mental edge that allows you to reach your full potential. I can help you enhance your performance through skills such as relaxation (to manage anxiety during competition), imagery (to sharpen your skills even when you’re not training), and cognitive restructuring (to build your confidence).
I work with adults and teens age 15 and up. I also work with non-athletes to start and maintain exercise programs. My office is located in Needham, Massachusetts.
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